Solar Land Lease Program

Make Your Vacant Land Write You A Check – Apply Here!

Why Lease Us Your Land?

A qualified site with surplus land can generate revenue. A Solar Farm Land Lease is a tremendous opportunity to use your land to produce long term, stable revenue!

Community Solar Opportunity for New Yorkers

New York State is committed to growing its renewable energy production to an ambitious goal of 50% renewables by 2030. (50 X 30). This requires solar to be developed at a large scale in a short period of time. Surplus land will be a significant resource for these projects resulting in an immediate opportunity for land owners to benefit directly from the community solar opportunity in New York.

The Time is Now!

The time is now to participate in this wave of community solar development. Aggressive goals set by NY State have mandated full support over this effort with new legislation and dedicated resources.

Does your land qualify?

We’ll do the research. US Light Energy will evaluate your site with a thorough assessment including pre-application with the utility, we will determine whether your land is a qualifying site.